The Infinity Bottle

Make every bottle live forever.

The simplest way to track the contents and proof of your Infinity Bottle.

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What is an
Infinity Bottle?

An infinity bottle, also referred to as a "solera", "fractional", or "living" bottle, is your own personal blend of whiskeys that is ever changing. By simply combining a bit of your favorite whiskeys in an empty bottle (or by adding to a base whiskey) you get a personal, never-ending blend of your own creation. This blend will likely have never been possessed or enjoyed by anyone else, ever. As you continue to add more, the flavor profile of the bottle is always new, evolving, and taking on a life of its own.

Record Additions

The addition of new liquors is at the heart of every great infinity bottle. The Infinity Bottle app provides an easy and intuitive way to log each new liquor by creating an "Addition" so you never forget what you added.

Record Pours

Of course the entire point of creating your own custom blend of whiskey to sample it! Take notes each time you sample your infinity bottle by adding a new "Pour".

Track Proof

The app will automatically calculate the proof of your bottles. Don't care about the proof? No problem! Toggle the proof tracking off and you won't be prompted for proof or amount for that bottle anymore.

Review History

Review the history of your ever changing whiskey blend at any time. The notes you added to each addition and pour allow you to see the incremental changes of your infinity bottle. If you forget to take notes don't worry, you can always update each addition and pour at your convenience.

Unlimited Bottles

Create and track as many infinity bottles as your heart desires. The Infinity Bottle app will never limit your ability to create new bottles or restrict the number of additions and pours you can add.

Saved in the Cloud

All your bottles are stored securely in the cloud and tied to your account. This means that even if you replace your phone, you will still have access to your infinity bottles and their history. Simply sign back in with the same email you used before and everything will be restored.

How Does The App Work?


Download the app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. After the app is installed, create an account with your email and a password of your choice. We will use this account to keep the history of each of your bottles even if you get a new phone.


It's time to get started! Tap the "+" button in the bottom right to create your first Infinity Bottle. Input a name, take a photo, and decide if you want to track your bottle's proof.


Tap the "+" and select "Add a liquor" to add the first addition to your bottle. Input your new liquor's name and the date you added it. Be sure to include the amount and proof if you want to the alcohol content of your bottle.


Once your liquors are added and your own custom blend made, now it's finally time to taste it. Tap the "+" again and select "Pour some out" to add a pour. If you are tracking bottle proof be sure to measure the amount your poured. Also remember to make a note of how it tastes so you can go back in the future and reminisce on the history of your bottle.

App Screenshots

Download the Infinity Bottle App Today!

The Infinity Bottle Bottle app is now available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Click the appropriate link below to be taken directly to the download page.